COVID-19 beauty tips: How to wear a face mask while you adapt your beauty routine

You're wearing a mask to avoiding coronavirus infection, but how this can do to your skin? Here's some tips you can keep fresh looking and protected.

1. Using our Daily Moisture Protection. 

This Daily Moisture Protection moisturizer is lightweight and can be used as an invigorating daily moisturizer with broad spectrum sun protection. 

2. You can featured your eyes.

You can avoid any lipstick so your mask not getting stain. So you can featured your eyes as your main focus. Using our gel eye liner will instantly transform your look.

You can check here our gel eye liner. Click Here.

3. Don't forget to use sunscreen.

You can try also our Brightening Day Protection its a lightweight daily moisturizer that has broad spectrum protection. It hydrates and protects your skin against sun damage and premature aging. 

4. Try using some lip balm.

You may not showing off your lips with lipstick while wearing a mask but you should not forget your lips for other dry conditions.

Its good to use our smoothing lip balm.

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